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“There, where we are expected, we always arrive on time!” Paulo Coelho

Coordinator of school council – Sigita Stefana
Sigita has been the backbone and main support of the school board for 15 years. She is a person who will find a solution to any problem. Sigita has a true spirit of creativity, which can be felt in every step she takes. She will share her ideas and years of experience. Sigita will be the one to unlock your creative thinking, so that together we can conquer mountains of creativity, one after another.
+371 29448485

Members of the school council
30 students are involved in the school council. The school council has been divided into 2 parts for 3 years now – a small school council (grades 5-8) and a large school council (grades 9-12).

President of the school council

President of the school council – Linda Lanka 11.c

Vice president of the school council

Vice president of the school council – Katrīna Dzintare 12.b

The values of the school council are participation, initiative, creativity, and unity.

The goals of the school council are to promote the well-being of students and a sense of belonging to the school through organizing events and projects.

There are four teams operating within the school council:

* The “Core” team (Responsibilities: Making the most important decisions of the school council and generating ideas, as well as planning events and projects.)

* Decorators (Responsibilities: Maintaining the cleanliness of the school council’s office and decorating school events.)

* Social media team (Responsibilities: Developing the school’s social media presence through TikTok and Instagram platforms, as well as informing students about news and events.)

* Reservists (Active members who are ready to lend a hand whenever and wherever needed)

Contact the school council at:

Social media of our school – TikTok and Instagram @citaadaskola

Working in the team is voluntary.

Meetings are held:

* Mondays from 10:20 until 10:50 for the “Core” team.

* Thursdays from 10:20 until 10:50 for the whole school council team.

In the school council’s office.


Learn more about school council and what it does, by watching a short video! Click here.

School council

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